Are you…

Frustrated and exhausted from chasing after prospects to have a look at your business and to buy from you, only to get shunned?

Do you feel discouraged whenever a prospect stops answering your call and doesn’t show up for an appointment at the last minute?

Is dealing with rejection, team members quitting one after another, and high customer drop-out rates draining your energy?

If You’re A  Struggling Marketer or Business Owner, You’ve Come To The Right Place

This blog belongs to Donovan Tan, who is one of the most sought after lead generation and marketing system strategist in the online home business community.

He is known for helping struggling marketers use the Internet to attract a flood of leads and customers, tripling or even quadrupling their income streams, simply by implementing his proven marketing strategies.

The purpose of this blog is a simple one: To provide YOU with the most up-to-date, working strategies and tactics for creating and generating more  traffic, more leads and most of all… MORE customers. 

Not too long ago…

Donovan himself, was also in your situation.

Just when he was about to start his university education,Donovan was introduced to the direct sales and marketing industry.

Being the naïve youngster that he was, Donovan thought that he’s finally found The Answer to financial freedom and jumped straight in, doing everything his leaders told him to.

Initially, Donovan experienced reasonable success in his opportunity. However, he’s had a hard time passing on that success to the junior sales reps in his team.

Becaused it involved really silly stuff like making a list of everyone he knew, and then calling them up for an appointment to pitch the product or business.

The problem with traditional warm market prospecting methods and depending on business referrals was that it took a hell lot of hard work and time to make just a bit of money. Plus it was a challenge to train his team members and keep them motivated. Drop out rates were so high it was like trying to fill a leaking bucket.

Having zero business experience in the beginning was ideal because ‘ignorance on fire’ helped him rise up the levels quickly. But once the enthusiasm died down, Donovan was left pretty burned out.

Because he had...

  • Gone throug his entire list of warm market prospects…
  • Spent more hours and dollars buying leads…
  • Sick of all the hype-y and rah-rah company meetings...
  • And the only stuff his "leaders" could tell him was: ‘you just have to make more calls’, ‘place more ads’, ‘talk to more people’, ‘raise your belief in the company and products’, and all that fluff.

Something had to be done. And one evening, everything changed…

Donovan was searching online for a solution, and that’s when he discovered the concept of ATTRACTION MARKETING.

From being the hunter, he soon became the hunted and started having hungry prospects pursue him instead, by applying the methods found in the program.

He had started to attract paying customers instead of chasing after prospects who couldn’t care less about his products and services.

To sum it all up…

Well, Donovan didn’t have his breakthrough with marketing until he started furiously learning about real world business and marketing principles.

These results would never happen for other people either as long as their company remained their only source of training.

Having finally tasted the results of a system that he can use to leverage his efforts, going back to the caveman days of warm market prospecting and cold calling was definitely a no-go.

Donovan continues to be a hungry student of marketing and had also set up this blog as a useful training resource for existing downlines and many more to come, so that they, too, can replicate his success.

How can Donovan help you?

Donovan works with network marketers, direct sales professionals, affiliate marketers and home business owners to help them get started online. The landscape of this industry has been changing drastically over the past few years and more businesses have been getting online.

If you are not building your brand and your business online, then you are missing out on a whole lot of income opportunities.

Some of the topics Donovan helps with include:

  • Building you a website that converts your visitors into leads and customers
  • How to quickly “position” yourself as an expert and attract leads to you — even if you’re brand new and know nothing about the business now.
  • Showing you the exact steps to successfully build a list of qualified and hungry prospects ready to buy whatever you have to offer
  • Automating as much of your routine marketing activities to maximise your productivity and results with minimum effort.
  • Crafting hypnotic messages and follow-up sequences to make your offers irresistible to your target audience
  • How to immediately multiply your income streams and quickly get into a positive cash flow all within the business you're running right now.

Donovan's History

  • Creator of The Catapult Blueprint – How To Attract An Endless Supply of Leads & Customers Without Pestering Your Warm Market or Spamming Links All Over Social Media

  • Received his degree from Nanyang Technological University, with a major in Visual Communication, specialising in Web Design, Branding and Advertising.

  • Was extremely privileged to work have worked at Flok, one of the top digital marketing agency in the region, as the design and social media intern.

  • Received the coveted “Expert Author” status at EzineArticles