Have you ever forgotten to do your homework as a student?

I know I did.

Not just because I’d genuinely “forgotten”, but also because I really, really used to hate math :p

Back then, I had a cool friend called Kenneth. Damn, he’s a REAL PRO at math and would always have his homework completed before the teacher could ask for it.

We also had another friend called Mark.

Mark and I would always go to school an hour earlier, just so we could have a few minutes each to copy Kenneth’s homework.

Fast forward 10 years later; we’re all in university.

Between Kenneth and Mark, one of them went on to do a PhD in mathematics and the other did journalism.

And if you’re guessing that the mathematics PhD was Kenneth, you’ll be surprised to discover that it’s actually Mark.

You see, we had a really fantastic math teacher who would tell us that it’s PERFECTLY FINE to copy each other’s homework, as long as we eventually understood the logic behind how the mathematical problem was solved.

And it is now clear to me that Mark fully understood and mastered mathematics as he was copying from Kenneth while I was just blindly scribbling numbers and symbols on paper. :'(

If you’re now wondering why I’m telling you this story from my childhood, you’ll soon understand that this has everything to do with the way you’re approaching your business.

In the Internet marketing industry, there are also Kenneths and Marks.

The Kenneths are the ones who try to do everything on their own.

You can tell an Internet marketer who’s a Kenneth if he’s spent a ton of money buying every single training and software available just so he could do it all himself.

They try to figure out how to drive traffic to a lead capture page on their own by spending a ton of time and money, making mistakes with solo ads, Google and Facebook pay per click before getting it right.

They waste a ton of time and money making mistakes while trying to build a high converting sales funnel and tweaking their own sales copy until it converts just decent enough.

Then here comes the Marks of the Internet marketing industry.

The Marks understand from the beginning that they can never possibly build and optimise every single part of their business alone.

So they don’t naively try to build their businesses by trying to figure everything out by themselves and buy millions of training and software along the way.

Marks go out to make friends with the Kenneths of the Internet Marketing industry and copy their “homework”.

And that’s how the Marks of the Internet Marketing industry are able to get the same results as the Kenneths, and sometimes even better.

Only difference is that the Marks did it in less than half the time and money that the Kenneths spent.

So at this point, if you’re wondering how you can become a Mark, and copy from all the Kenneths their successful business and marketing strategies, you need to be here at the Home Business Summit, that’s happening from 22 – 24th August 2014 in Singapore.

Like I’ve said, the only way you’re gonna get a Kenneth to lend you his homework is to be friends.

And there’s no better way to do this than to be at a live event like the Home Business Summit,
where you to get to pick the brains of The BEST in the business.

Here’s what else it’s gonna do for you once you’ve the opportunity to interact face to face with the leaders of the Internet marketing industry.

-skip all the mistakes and guesswork which the Kenneths had to go through
-jump straight to getting results.
-get live one-to-one help from the best in Internet marketing
-get access to insider secrets which you won’t find in any eBook or home study video course
-build networks and lifelong friendships, thats where joint ventures come from

If you want to have these industry experts hold your hands, walk you through from Step 1 to Step Last, and start earning a real income from home, click here to sign up and be a Mark.


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