Ever felt like you were following all the instructions correctly but still don’t seem to be converting your traffic into leads like everyone else?

Or even if you’ve leads getting in touch with you, enquiring about your product, service or company, most of them appear rather defensive?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to convert visitors to your website, or Facebook page into pre-qualified leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

These are some of easiest and most effective strategies which I’ve tested for both myself and my clients to generate well over 20,000 leads so far.

Got Traffic But No Leads?

So now that you’ve got targeted web traffic coming to your site, you’ll need a way to convert them into leads.

Because once you’ve done that, you can then follow up and build a relationship with your leads in order to convert them into customers.

The main idea here is to capture their name and email address or phone number.

Name + Contact = Lead

Usually I don’t encourage sending traffic straight to your product or order page. That’s because the conversions for such methods tend to be lower since you haven’t build any relationship with your audience.

You’re also gonna lose them for good if they don’t buy anything immediately and just leave your website.

Even if some of your visitors do buy something, you will not be able to capture their contact information in some cases.

Instead, you should be converting your traffic into leads before trying to sell them anything.

‘Cos if they give you their contact info, you can then schedule follow up emails to build more value into the relationship and also sell them not just once, but multiple times.

So How Do You Effectively Generate Your Own Leads?

Here’s the problem. Why should your visitors give you their name and contact?

You’ve got to give them a reason to do so.

This is where the lead magnet comes in.

A lead magnet is an irresistible bribe offering specific information of value to your prospects, in exchange for their contact information.

It should immediately address an itch (urgent problem) your prospect has.

Or it can also provide your prospect with some sort of benefit that’s gonna take him a little closer to his goal.

Ideally, your lead magnet has to be:

  • easy to follow with actionable steps
  • able be implemented immediately
  • able to show results that can either be measured or observed

What Kind Of Information Should You Provide In Your Lead Magnet?

It can be as simple as information which promises to alleviate a pain or a how to do something cheaper, faster and more conveniently.

Some great examples…

Instructional: “How You Can Set Up A Blog In 1 Hour Without Knowing HTML and CSS”

Guide/Report: “3 Marketing Strategies To Attract Free Leads And Customers Using Facebook”

Scripts/Templates: “Top 5 Phone Scripts and Email Templates For Converting Leads Into Customers”

Process Map: “Blueprint For Building A High Converting Sales Funnel”

Resource/Checklist: “7 Must Have Internet Marketing Tools and WordPress Plugins To Maximise Your Traffic and Conversions”

How Do You Create Your Lead Magnet Even If You’re The New Kid On The Block?

A very common problem among new marketers is self doubt.

And that’s OK. I’ve been there before.

When you’re just starting out, it’s unavoidable to believe that you are not able to offer someone else any value.

Truth is, you already know more about solving your prospects’ problem than 90% of all your competitors, because you’ve made the effort to search for answers online.

Take a piece of paper, write a list of all that you know about solving your prospect’s problem.

You’ll soon realise that you actually did accumulate some knowledge which can be quite valuable to them.

What if you really can’t come up with anything and its like your first day in business?

Another very simple method to implement is to conduct interviews and package them as a free training:

  1. Find somebody who is an authority on any topic related to your market, let’s say generating leads using Youtube.
  2. Gather some good questions from either business partners or marketing forums around the topic of Youtube lead generation.
  3. Structure those questions into an interview.
  4. Conduct the interview with your “expert” on Youtube marketing in either email, audio or video form.

One of the best places you can find experts who would be more than happy to grant you interviews would be at Internet marketing events or industry seminars.

Here’s an example. It’s one I did some time back at an industry event.

These events are hosted in major cities all over the world and may sometimes be free. If you stay till then end, there’s a good chance you can grab the speaker for a quick 10 minute interview.

What’s left to do is packaging that knowledge into STRUCTURED CONTENT designed to build authority and trust.

And there, you have your lead magnet. It seldom matters in what format you deliver your lead magnet. It can be an e-book, a video, an audio recording, or a newsletter series.

How Long Should Your Lead Magnet Be?

Lead magnets don’t have to cover everything from A to Z or anything too complicated. In fact, a complex and lengthy lead magnet may convert poorly.

“A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”
― Winston Churchill

Similarly, good lead magnet should also be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.

You don’t have to solve the entire problem for your prospect by taking him from Point A to Point Z. You just need to take him from maybe Point A to Point C.

Show him enough so that he knows, that you know your stuff.

The Best Way To Present And Deliver Your Lead Magnet

Once your lead magnet’s ready, next thing you’ve got to do is to present and promote it in a way which is straightforward, clearly communicates its benefits and instructions on getting it.

So here’s a super easy 3 step formula you can use as a light pitch for your lead magnet.

1. Here’s What I Got

What is it? Video? Ebook? Newsletter?

Once again, be straight to the point in your headline.

Here’s a template you can use right away:

Free (Video/Report/7 Day Email Series) Reveals How You Can Get More (Benefit) Without (Pain)

eg., Free Video Reveals How You Can Make More Sales Without Having To Call Your Prospects

2. Here’s What Its Gonna Do For You

How are your leads gonna benefit from consuming your lead magnet?

This part is basically a super short summary of how your lead magnet is gonna help your prospects.

Typically, the sweet spot is the 3 bullet points.

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

  • How other (marketers) are using these strategies to (attract hungry prospects ready to buy).
  • 7 free (lead sources) that all the (top marketers) are jealously keeping from everyone else.
  • 3 (marketing tools) that’s helped hundreds of other (marketers) (convert their leads into customers without ever picking up the phone.)

3. Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Finally, tell your visitors fill in their contact information in exchange for your lead magnet:

“Simply enter your contact information for INSTANT access.”


“Enter Your BEST Email To Receive This Powerful FREE Training”

Super fancy, I know.

2 Great Examples Of A Lead Magnet With A Clear Offer and Benefit
2 Great Examples Of A Lead Magnet With A Clear Offer and Benefit

So keep in mind the 3 Step Formula and you’ll be fine:

  1. Here’s What I Got
  2. Here’s What It’s Gonna Do For You
  3. And Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you are already consistently getting traffic to your website, but still not making any sales, chances are…

…your current lead magnet needs some tweaking.

Or if you don’t already have one, start taking action to create one.

Doesn’t have to be a 250 page ebook.

Like I said, the good news is that a lead magnet that’s short and to-the-point actually converts better.

Besides increasing your conversions, a lead magnet can also help you build up lots of goodwill and trust within your marketplace.

This will set you apart from all your competitors who are obnoxiously trying to shove products down their prospects’ throats.

If you find this training extremely valuable and would like further guidance, then check out my 90 Day Challenge.

We’ll set a time to meet up in person or over skype.

I’ll be asking some questions about your business, and together we will help you craft an irresistible lead magnet that’s gonna suck in leads like crazy.

Next thing, I gonna show you some strategies which you can immediately implement to send lots of high quality traffic to your lead magnet, so you can start getting more customers and sales.

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