Sean Lim made $2,198.50 in a single day by promoting offers in My Top Tier sales funnels.

Sean is based in Singapore and has been marketing for several years. In his video, he talks about how he is very careful about what he chooses to promote. After going through some of the products sold through My Top Tier he felt “confident to promote them.”

The whole process was pretty hands off for Sean. In his own words…

“All I needed to do was send traffic to my landing pages. Matt’s team and his landing pages do a very good job of converting that traffic into sales. He even has a phone team to call prospects and help close those sales.”

Watch Sean’s video here:

Now, Sean is not a complete “newbie” – he had some affiliate marketing experience. Not everyone will put in the time and effort needed to make money with My Top Tier Business. But if you follow all of the steps in My Top Tier and put the time and effort into driving traffic, then $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 commissions are possible.

Note: Sean also mentions becoming a “licensee.” Don’t worry about that term for now. When you join My Top Tier you’ll see how it fits in with My Top Tier Business.

After you watch Sean’s video, check out My Top Tier Business for yourself here.



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