Tony Opee earned $3,000 in commissions after driving Facebook advertising and solo ads to My Top Tier Business sales funnels.

In his video, Tony talks about how he was struggling to get to the next level until he watched my Truth About Traffic presentation (which I sent you recently).

He got started with MTTB, and quickly earned $3,000 in commissions, and had this to say:

“Matt’s funnel really converts. The opt-in pages have really high opt-in rates. You’re getting high EPCs [and] estimated visitor value is higher than if you would just do an affiliate offer.”

Now, Tony also mentions becoming a “licensee” and the Inner Circle. Don’t worry about these terms for now. When you join My Top Tier you’ll see how these programs fit in with My Top Tier Business.

Check out Tony’s video here:

Note: In order to see results like Tony, you need to actually go through all the steps in My Top Tier and put in the time and effort needed to drive traffic.

After you watch Tony’s video, you can get started with My Top Tier at the link here.

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