Are You Desperate To Make A Sale In Your Network Marketing Opportunity?

So you’ve ran out of friends and family in your warm market to pitch your company’s products and compensation plan to. You go to your sponsor for help. He tells you to hang around the malls to solicit for leads which may just get you the superstar downline who’s gonna “explode your business”. If that didn’t work too, they then suggest you go buy some MLM leads and advertise your opportunity. When its time to call your prospects, they either hang up on you or didn’t turn up for the appointment as agreed.

Many people in Singapore like you and I had been taught the same old thing by their network marketing uplines and old timers. And some newcomers have even been asked to teach the exact techniques that had already been passed down for at least 50 years. Have you ever tried using a 50 year old car?

You can’t blame your sponsor, since network marketing is an industry of marketing and promotion, pursued by people who have no idea how to market, or promote.

I’m pretty sure that at some point in time, an MLM leader once told you that becoming a distributor is like owning a low cost mobile shop space.

So, why is it that this business isin’t working for so many people?

In some way, being a distributor is like owning a shop. But what your uplines forgot to tell you is that your shop should also have a steady flow of visitors that walk in on their own. And which does not involve you going around chasing at people to come in. For a physical shop space, good location is the key to walk-in visitors. Location, location, location…

Similarly, you need a way for interested prospects to find your products and services on their own, 24/7. Here are two very important questions to ask yourself:

1. How do I get people to find me?

2. How do make sure that the people who find me are interested in my offer?

The answer lies in getting TARGETED traffic to your website, blog, or facebook page. Targeted traffic refers to visitors who

  • come into your virtual shop space,
  • who happen to be searching for information related to your products and services,
  • or are looking to solve a problem, which your products and services can provide the solution.

How do you get targeted traffic?

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Let’s say Prospect Robert has an insomnia problem and wants to find a cure for it on the internet. Robert will be typing in something like “cure insomnia” or “insomnia medicine” into Google, Youtube, article directories, or health forums.

Like I’ve said earlier, a physical shop space needs a good location. And a good location is a place where a steady flow of customers are most likely to walk in. The same principles apply online. Where are your customers most likely to be? Where is the easiest place for them to find you online?

  • While Robert is on Google searching for a cure for insomnia, can he find your site offering an affordable and convenient solution?
  • If Robert is on Youtube, will he come across your video presentation for alternatives to insomnia pills?
  • When he is looking for help on the forums, can he find the thread you’ve posted on home remedies for insomnia, and a link pointing back to your website or facebook page for more information?

By providing useful advice related to your prospect’s problems, you are then able to entice them into visiting your page which promises even more helpful information on the same topic.

Do not pitch your products or opportunity at this point in time. People like to buy, but they hate being sold to. Keep in mind that the main goal here is to build enough credibility with your audience for them to want to visit your page. When they’re on your page, continue to build trust and engage with them by providing more valuable information.

The longer your readers stay on your site, the more likely they are willing to give you their contact info and buy from you.

There are many sources of web traffic to tap into. If you’re just starting out, focus only on mastering one or two before moving on to other sources. I highly recommend you use either Facebook, Youtube, or article directories. Pick any 2, but you will wanna expand to the other methods eventually.

Quit Chasing After Friends And Families. Put An End To Soliciting Strangers At The Malls.

Aim for 5-8 pieces of quality content in any format – article, video, audio recording, etc. And make sure you include a link pointing back to your site. Within a week or two, you will be able notice your page receiving a steady stream of targeted visitors. These are your potential customers, pre-sold and educated by your content. You may not know them yet, but by offering value to these people, you’ve build trust and credibility. These are prospects warmer than any warm market.

The best part – instead of desperately hunting for prospects, you have now become the hunted. Because of this, they no longer see you as a sleazy sales person. To them, you’re someone who can solve their problems, and quite possibly an expert at it. This makes your prospects sell themselves on your products. Ironic, isin’t it?

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    • Hamizan

      Hi Donny

      I would like to know, will it be best to start with our current facebook that we are using or start with creating a new facebook account?

      • admin

        Hi Hamizan, it wil be better to start with a new facebook page. your personal facebook account has a limit of 5000 friends while a page allows you unlimited number of fans you can connect with. hope this helps

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