Objections are a pain in the butt and makes almost every marketer nervous.

HOWEVER, they are indictors that your prospect is somewhat interested enough in your offer to probe further. And you can effortlessly overcome some of the most common ones.

An unsolved objection benefits neither you nor the prospect. You lose a sale, and your prospect’s problem remains unsolved. Both parties lose.

Its your job as salespeople and marketers to address as many objections thrown at you as possible. Because getting your products and services into the hands of your prospects help them get rid of their problems.

You see, I wasn’t a born natural when it comes to sales and marketing. I was so bad at it that I made a GRAND TOTAL of $5.40 in my first month.

  • Like many others who were uncomfortable with sales and is always looking for something else to skirt around the real problem, I believed that a traffic strategy is all that matters, with little consideration for…
  •  The sales process where you convert your leads into customers and sales…
  • Crafting compelling sales copy or sales presentations that effectively addresses any doubt and uncertainties your prospects may have…
  • Being armed and equipped with all possible objections a potential customer may throw at you…

As someone who’s been through the same struggle, I know how frustrating and demoralising the experience can be when you’ve put in lots of money and energy into generating leads, securing an appointment, but only to lose the sale at the final moment because the prospect got you stumped with just one simple objection.

Therefore, I’ve compile these Top 10 Most Common Objections and Scripts for you to adjust and use in your sales and recruiting.

The key to making these scripts work is to say it with conviction and let the prospect feel that he or she made the right decision.

The Ultimate List of 35 Most Common Objections Every Marketer Should Know How To Overcome

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How much money are you making?
“It’s not about what I make, it’s about what you’re going to do”.

One of the most frequent objections. It’s also a bad question. The reason is that it proceeds from the assumption that whatever you’re doing (or not doing) is how it’s going to go for them too. You may sponsor someone who far outstrips your success or they may fall flat on their face. This reply immediately focuses things back on your prospects. You could be making $2 a month or $20,000 a month, either way it’s irrelevant. Their success is limited only by their own ability, not someone else’s and that is the beauty of being in business for themselves

You could be brand new and not yet making a dime, it still is a great opportunity.

I can get it cheaper somewhere else.
“That may well be true. And, after all, in today’s economy we all want the most for our money.”

“A truth that I have learned over the years is that the cheapest price is not always what we really want. Most people look for three things when making an investment: the finest quality, the best service, and the lowest price. I have never yet found a company that could provide the finest quality and the best service for the lowest price. I’m curious, for your long-term happiness with (name your product), which of the three would you be most willing to give up? Quality? Service? Or, low price?”

Sales is not my cup of tea.
“What do you understand about being a salesperson? ***wait for prospect’s response*** I know exactly how you feel. I felt the same way when I started. However, I’ve later found that people from all walks of life, all professions have proven successful in this business.”

How long have you been doing it?
Answer honestly. If you’re new, tell them. It doesn’t devalue the product or opportunity. Just mention you’ll be introducing them to some of your business partners who’ve been working the business relatively longer. Your prospect will also be receiving their support along with yourself.

I’m not sure I can afford it.
If early in your appointment: “John, doesn’t cost you anything to check it out.”
If it’s later, you might respond: “Frankly John, with what you’ve shared with me… I don’t think you can afford not to do it”.

Refer to their “reason why” e.g. “You shared with me earlier that you value having enough money to put your kids through college. If you don’t do this, what’s the alternative you currently have in mind?” (or wanted more money for retirement, or more money to spend more time at home with your family, etc.)

If this is so great, how come I’ve never heard of it?
“Actually John, that’s the big PLUS for you and I. It’s called: timing. You see, a lot of people haven’t heard about this yet, which is what’s so exciting. There’s great market potential for those of us who are “in the know” and willing to share information with others who need to hear about this.”

I don’t know if I’ll have the time.
“How would you like to never have to say that again? If you keep doing what you are currently doing, do you think that over the next 5 years you will have either more or less time?”

Let me think about it.
“You know John, with what you’ve shared with me about (repeat his reasons why) and the opportunity you now have to do something about it… what is there really to think about?”

I tried “one of these” before and it didn’t work.
“What do you think “this” is exactly? And why did you think it didn’t work for you?”
The answer usually boils down to not knowing what they were doing or not having a good mentor in the business.
I also try to make them aware of the fact that we all fail at something. Every opportunity out there is unique. Not only because of the different products or services, comp plans, etc. but because of sponsors, teams, etc.

I’d have to try the product first.
“Actually, you don’t.. that’s a beginner’s error a lot of people make in our industry and I’m telling you so you don’t make it, whatever business you end up joining. Here’s why I say that. If you stop and think about it, I believe you’ll agree that you already know our product works (or service is great). If it didn’t, we wouldn’t have experienced the kind of growth we have. Success like our company has experienced is a CLUE that something is working.”

The Ultimate List of 35 Most Common Objections Every Marketer Should Know How To Overcome

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