The Mystery of Leverage and Passive Income Exposed

Do you still remember why network marketing seemed so attractive to you? Was it the passive income and the leverage you get from building a productive downline? If that’s the case, how much passive income and leverage have you accumulated to date? Whenever you speak to a networker about what he does, you’ll often hear…

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The #1 MLM Prospecting Lie Exposed

MLM Prospecting

97% of All Network Marketers Are Misled Into Believing The Following MLM Prospecting Lie. Are You One of Them? The NUMBER ONE mistake that most uplines make is telling you that EVERYONE IS A PROSPECT. When I first started out in network marketing, one of the very first things I was taught was to create…

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The First Entry

There’s nothing like starting a blog and throwing your thoughts out for the whole world to see and judge… Your first post is like writing the first line to a book that could take a lifetime to finish. So, I want to start by thanking all those in my life who are helping me and/or has…

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