If you been around the internet long enough reading about the MLM industry, you’re probably familiar with the 95-99% dropout rate, the outdated prospecting methods taught by uplines, reputation for unprofessional practices and so on. Admittedly, some were hilarious in a twisted way.

Most people will be quick to name these issues as reasons why newbie network marketers do not succeed. However, even as networkers are increasingly exposed to Network Marketing 2.0, funded proposals, internet marketing, etc, the trend remains.

I would say that these issues are mere symptoms of 3 fundamental traits that are lacking in network marketers, and most people as well. Including me at some point in time.

Trait No. 1: Ongoing Education

Donny Gets Enlightened by a Bimbo

Education must be ongoing. As proven in history, what’s working now may not necessarily be working as well 1 year later. Not experiencing success in your MLM opportunity? Go out there and learn a new approach.

How I arrived at where I am today was kinda funny. At some point I was pretty bored and tired of traveling to meet friends and relatives (who’re mostly uninterested or broke) just to pitch the product and opportunity, sick of planning home parties and surveying prospects (who’re mostly also uninterested or broke) outside of malls.

Later that evening, I had dinner and hanged out with some ex-schoolmates. So we had internet connection and one of the girls was browsing through some blogshops and asked me for help to pick a dress. So I picked the most hideous dress I could find. 😀 Then, the stupid idea of setting up a blogshop for my network marketing opportunity struck me.

Being Stubborn Pays Off, Sometimes

Being clueless back then, I set up the online store on blogspot together with the Adsense program. Few nights after, I happened to notice one of the Adsense banners advertising something about attracting distributors to you without harassing friends and families, without cold-calling. Being curious, I checked it out. I entered my name and email in exchange for some information on attracting qualified MLM leads over the internet and some advice on marketing my products.

That was when I discovered the principles behind attraction marketing and knew I was on to something big. I continued my research online, gobbling every bit of information I could get my hands on.

I went on to learn about funded proposals, SEO, copywriting, blogging, email marketing, article marketing etc.

You could say I’m where I am today all because I had that lame idea of setting up an online store for my MLM products and had to learn some stuff on my own. Today, I’m still learning and growing and updating myself on these principles and techniques daily.

The Lesson

My point here is that if whatever you’re doing to build your business (like using warm market approach and cold calling leads) is not working, doing more of it is not going to change the results. Instead, it will only amplify the rejection and failure by a huge proportion and barely increase your income. There are probably about 101 solutions to every one problem. If one doesn’t work, just try another. Education can come from anywhere, not just from your company or your uplines. Have the courage to step out of that little bubble.

And guess what. If you’re facing this problem, there are probably many others who are in the same situation. So if you’ve already discovered a method to solve your own problem, you’re in a position to solve theirs.

The fastest way to make money is to solve other people’s problems. Consistently invest in yourself to increase your value to your prospects. The more you know, the more problems you can solve and the better you get at solving them.

In Our Next Episode…

And then most people would think that that’s it and stop here. Most people’s idea of knowledge is that it is something you accumulate inside your brain in the knowledge bank and you walk around with a head full of concepts and ideas and philosophies and you think that you actually know something. That type of knowledge doesn’t create any results. I know cos I’ve been there too. It makes almost no difference in your life whatsoever until you decide to get off your ass and start applying those concepts to your business. Revolutionary revelation, I know.

And that is why, in Part 2 of this series, I’m going to talk about Speed of Implementation.

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