We all know that industries have their own jargon. This creates a barrier for those not familiar with the “secret” language. Network marketing is no different.

Many of the terms used in marketing your MLM online can be confusing and difficult to understand. If you wanna have less fustration trying to get more prospects and customers using the internet, this training will serve as a crash course for you.

Familiarize yourself with some common terms and the various marketing strategies which your upline forgot to teach you because he’s busy with, oh, I dunno, motivating Uncle Bob and doing that rah-rah thing.

In order to have the training delivered to your inbox, simply enter your details on the right so I’ll know where to send the information to. Just so you’ll know the wide variety of terms I’ll be introducing you to, I’ve included a summarised list below.

MLM Internet Network Marketing Jargons

Attraction Marketing – Would you rather chase after customers one at a time or have five or ten customers a day chase you? With the birth of the Internet you can do this and attract prospects using several tools online for free.

Lead Generation – any activity that results in you collecting contact information on a prospect who’s interested in your offer.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – the process of improving the visibility of your webpage on search engines via the natural search results.

Social Media Marketing – a form of online marketing is driven by word-of-mouth.

Pay per click (PPC) – a paid form of Internet advertising.

Forum Marketing – marketing via online message boards

Article Marketing – a type of advertising in which you write and distribute articles related to your industry.

Video Marketing – same idea as article marketing, but in video form.

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses an email autoresponder as a means of follow up with your audience on autopilot or semi-autopilot.

Copywriting is the persuasive use of words and ideas to promote your business.

Marketing Funnel/Sales Funnel – An entire process detailing all your marketing efforts from start to finish (the sale).

Once again, simply enter your name and email on the right.

And you shall never view network marketing the same old way ever again.


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