When was the last time you had to do any sort of writing to promote your business?

As a marketer, you’re pretty much in the business of using content to promote your products or services.

From your Facebook ads, YouTube videos, landing pages, emails, blogpost, etc… So the list goes on.

You’ve got to rely on all sorts of content because that’s the vehicle for getting your message to your target audience.

Why Over 90% of Affiliates & Distributors Generate Less Than 10% of All The Sales

While its an advantage if your company or product creator is able to have some of the marketing materials above “done-for-you”, you should still aim to create your own content eventually.

Just imagine thousands of other affiliates and distributors using the same ads, same landing page, same email follow-ups, same sales presentation…

How’s that going to help you stand out against your competition and convert your prospects into customers?

I used to be in that situation, too. However, one thing I understood was that highly successful marketers are different.

The Number #1 Skill That Every Successful Marketer Needs To Master

The top marketers for any company or product create their own unique content that meets their specific need and speaks to their target audience.

They know how to create a clear message and make it “sing” through the best medium for their audience. And they know how to tweak their material until it gets the right results.

To be completely honest, learning how to do that was an uphill battle for me, because most Internet marketing courses out there like to focus on the bright and sexy technical aspects such the latest “Facebook ads loophole” or the “Youtube traffic hack”.

It took me a long time to be able to write and communicate my marketing message effectively.

For awhile now, I’ve been looking for an easier and simpler solution to help other entrepreneurs and marketers facing the same obstacle.

Fortunately, I was recently at an Internet marketing event when I got to meet master communicator, Dave Halls from Sydney, Australia.

Dave Halls

Dave has been working in the communication space for over twenty years.

He has created content to satisfy all purposes from marketing and promotional through to operational, educational and persuasive. This includes blogs, emails, business documents, press releases, video and audio media, and Web content

He’s also an international speaker, author and communication consultant. He has trained and coached thousands of people from broad backgrounds. This includes the corporate, small business, entrepreneur and digital marketing worlds.

Watch the video below for his answer to every marketer’s problem:

In addition to the four video modules within “Bullseye!” for Internet Marketers, Dave is offering three really cool bonuses for fast action takers:

  • Free 30 minute coaching call to apply Bullseye! method – a $395 value
  • Bullseye! Q & A Webinar- $297 value
  • Halls Innercircle Membership – $395 value

If you’re ready to…

  • Stand out from other Internet Marketers by being able to create your own your own original content that speaks in your own personality
  • Enjoy greater success from emails and landing pages because you’ll know how to make them speak directly to your target whilst achieving your purpose
  • Save time and money when creating your communication with the simple university validated “5 step process”
  • Take full personal control over your messaging and content so that it works hard for your business
  • Reap the benefits of becoming a greater communicator across all aspects of your life

Then click to here to invest in your own copy of “Bullseye!” for Internet Marketers.


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