Ever felt like you were following all the instructions correctly but still don’t seem to get the same results like everyone else? Was it something you forgot to do? In this post, I’m going to show you how to turn visitors to your website, blog or Facebook fanpage into customers and MLM leads. If you haven’t figured out how to generate traffic to your site, go back to my blog post on traffic generation and then come back here. So now that you’ve got targeted web traffic coming to your site, you’ll need a way to convert them into leads, which you can then follow up and convert them into customers and sales. The main idea here is to capture your prospect’s name and email address or phone number. Name + Contact = Lead. ‘Cos if they give you their contact info, you can then have regular follow ups and sell them not just once, but multiple times.

How To Generate Your Own MLM Leads

But here’s the problem. Why should your visitors give you their name and contact? You’ve got to give them a reason to do so. Here’s where the bribe comes in. You must be able to offer something valuable enough for them to wanna exchange their name and contact for. This is what we usually call the opt-in offer or the bribe. It should be something that addresses a problem which your prospect has. It doesn’t matter how you deliver your opt-in offer. It can be an e-book, a video, an audio recording, or a newsletter series. Ideally, it has to offer a solution that is:

  • easy to follow with step by step instructions
  • able be implemented immediately,
  • and with results that can either be measured or observed.

It could be as simple as information which promises to alleviate a pain or a how to do something cheaper, faster and more conveniently. Some great examples: “How To Set Up A Blog Within Your Next 1 Hour That Will Generate Free MLM Leads For You Daily” “7 Steps To Turn Your Boring Sales Pitch Into A Hypnotic Message That Will Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything” “Top 10 Mistakes That Cause Newbie Network Marketers to Lose Money and Feel Fustrated”

2 Great Examples Of Opt-in Forms With Clear Offer of Solution & Benefit
How To Create Your Opt-in Offer Even If You’re New To Lead Generation

A very common problem among new MLM distributors is self doubt. And that’s OK. Even I’d been there at some point in time. When you’re just starting out, it’s unavoidable to believe that you are not able to offer someone else any value. Truth is, you already know more about marketing than 90% of all network marketers, because you’ve made the effort to search for answers online. Another reason is simply because the other 90% will never be motivated enough to pick up real world marketing on their own and passively choose to do whatever their upline tells them to. And when they don’t get the results they want, they blame their upline, the products, the company. Everything, except their own inaction. Take a piece of paper, write a list of all that you know about sales and marketing, both within and outside of your MLM opportunity, since the day you’d been introduced to your MLM company. You’ll soon realise that your actually did accumulate knowledge and value. What’s left to do is to package that knowledge into STRUCTURED CONTENT designed to build authority and trust. And there, you have your opt-in offer. Another very simple method to implement is the interview:

  • Find somebody who is an authority on any topic related to your market, let’s say MLM prospecting.
  • Gather some good questions from either business partners or on network marketing forums around the topic of prospecting.
  • Structure those questions into an interview.
  • Conduct the interview with your “expert” on prospecting in either email, audio or video form.
The Money Is In The Follow-up: Getting Your Prospects To Give You Their Contact Information
Screenshot Of My Opt-in Report

No matter how well you craft your content, all of it would have been pointless if you do not tell your visitors what to do next. This is why at the end of all your content, you need a clear and straightforward call to action (CTA). Your call to action must do the following 3 things:

  1. Remind Your Target Audience of His Problem at Hand – What is the problem this reader has? Visualise for yourself the specific type of reader who searched for your article and finished reading it. REMIND THEM of their problem and how you can help solve it.
  2. Provide a Clear Solution  – Make it clear that your opt-in offer holds the solution to their problem. More importantly, elaborate on the exact benefits they will receive when they subscribe/opt-in to your list.
  3. Provide Actionable Text or Links – Use action phrases for your call to action. Don’t say “click here” or “subscribe”. Say “solve your problem now” or “get instant access”. Not very subtle, but it makes a huge difference.
Creating Your Opt-in Form (Lead Capture Page) For Free

Here’s the final step to generating your first MLM lead! You’ll now need a space for your reader to fill in his name and contact. Just use Wufoo, Google forms or MailChimp, which is what I use. MailChimp is one of the many services out there which we call an auto-responder. Basically, you can outsource your data collection, content delivery and email follow ups to an auto-responder. The reason why I use MailChimp is because it offers a generous Forever Free plan (2,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers), flexible settings and lots of easy to understand tutorials to help you get started.

And Now To Practise What I Preach!

If you wanna receive the exact steps I use to attract qualified and pre-educated prospects into my business, and still make money even when they don’t join my MLM opportunity, leave your name and contact on the right sidebar so I know where to send you my step by step instructions on applying attraction marketing in your business.

Best thing about this method is that you’ll no longer have to chase after friends and family.

No more harassing strangers at the malls.

No more wasting money buying low quality leads and ineffective advertising.


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