Does your website remind you of the Sahara Desert or Miami Beach?

Just imagine how much more leads and sales you’ll make, if you can turn your website from a barren, quiet desert, devoid of life, into a noisy and lively beach, bustling with human activity?

How Do You Generate Traffic To Your Website?

That’s the WRONG Question! And that’s why most marketers fail online.

As we all know, traffic is the lifeblood of all successful online businesses.

No Traffic = No Leads = No Sales

However, the real key to harnessing this lifeblood is to generate quality, targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic means visitors who are interested in the products and services within the industry you’re marketing in.

So, how do you tell if you’re generating targeted traffic or pure junk, untargeted traffic?

Use a nifty lil’ tool called Google Analytics.

Traffic Generation Report From Google Analytics
Traffic Generation Report From Google Analytics

You can tell whether you’re getting targeted or untargeted traffic by observing the behaviour of your site visitors.

Obviously, the more targeted your traffic, the more interested your visitors are in the products and services within your industry.

And if you do a good job of providing good information that’s interesting and helpful to your visitors, they’re gonna stick around much longer on your website, and look at more pages.

Therefore, a clear sign that you’re getting targeted, quality traffic will be an Average Session Duration at least 2 minutes, and Pages Per Session of 2 or more.

And you know you’re getting untargeted traffic if your results are the opposite.

How Do You Define Targeted Traffic and Why Is It Important?

Traffic alone doesn’t mean anything if you can’t convert them into leads and sales.

Same thing with how being ranked number 1 on the first page of Google for your desired keyword or having a ton of Facebook likes and shares doesn’t mean anything if you can’t convert those traffic into leads.

Traffic X Conversion = Sale

I’m gonna give you 2 scenarios to illustrate this point:

Scenario #1: Untargeted Traffic

Imagine you own a bikini store, and you have 1000 visitors on one particular day. Strangely, all 1000 of your visitors happen to be middle-aged men in office suits and ties.

Now, how likely are these 1000 visitors gonna buy a bikini?

Maybe … 0.5%. That’s only 5 sales.

I dunno, these men were probably buying it for their wives, girlfriend, or daughters. And I’m pretty sure there’s going be a few refunds; wrong size, wrong design, wrong colour…

Scenario #2: Targeted Traffic

Next, imagine this instead. Just 2 days later, you have only 100 visitors to your bikini store. But this time, all 100 of your visitors happen to be females, IN BIKINIS!

How likely are these 100 visitors gonna result in a sale? Or even repeat sales?

Probably much higher, … say 5%. That’s already 5 sales!

And not forgetting that there’s a chance each customer buys 2 or 3 pieces of bikinis, probably giving you 10 to 15 sales for the day!


Targeted traffic are visitors who have already spent money within your industry. These are proven buyers, just like the females who walked into your bikini store in their bikinis.

We’re talking about super targeted here.

You may also consider visitors who are just looking to spend money within your industry as targeted traffic. But I’ll always recommend you target only people who had recently bought something related.

This is the reason why I get very cautious whenever somebody tries to sell me traffic generation services, promising 1000 visitors a day, without offering to reveal the quality and background of the traffic source.

And you ought to be cautious too whenever somebody brags about having 1000 visitors to his site a day.

I’ll gladly take 10 targeted visitors over 1000 untargeted visitors to my site, any day.

So How Do You Get TARGETED Traffic For Your Business?

Now, we come back to your bikini store.

If you want to generate targeted traffic, you’ve got to think like your target audience, and put yourself in their shoes (or bikinis :P).

Simply displaying your ads to the general female population is not targeted at all. You want to display ads only to females, who enjoy going to the beach, or pool. Who love tanning, beach or watersports.

With the Internet, it’s super easy to do so…

For example…

If you’re using Facebook ads, you only want to target your ads towards females…

  • between the ages of 18 to 35, who are fans of
  • other bikini brand pages,
  • tanning lotion brand pages,
  • beach volley ball teams,
  • watersports publication pages,
  • female watersports athletes


If you’re using Google or Youtube paid advertising, you only want to target your ads towards

  • searches about other bikini brands,
  • searches about bikini contests and swimwear modelling
  • searches about bikini wax and waxing centres
  • searches about waterproof make-up
  • searches about beach holiday packages

I hope you’re starting to get the idea here.


One of the biggest tell tale signs that you’re wasting time and money on untargeted traffic, is a poor opt-in rate.

And that’s because your visitors are not interested enough in your offer to leave their contact information behind, resulting in poor lead generation.

Therefore, it is extremely important that you have a solid process in place when it comes to keyword and market research, before trying to generate any sort of traffic.

It may sound really tedious and boring, which it really is, sometimes.

However, having discipline and the right guidance to go through this step quickly and effectively is crucial to your success.

And right now, there is no better opportunity for you to learn a simple and effective strategy on generating targeted traffic.

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